Short and informative videos of Algarve and Monchique, Portugal

 Awesome videos of the Algarve, Monchique and the Serra da Monchique, Portugal


A lovely overview of the whole of the Algarve


 How delightful is the beauty and simplicity of Monchique, as shown here, and rightly so!


 Wonderful Serra da Monchique, discover it's unique charms, gum boots mandatory :-)



Monchique is probably one of the nicest places in the Algarve if not the whole of Portugal. You realise this when you just sit and relax and take in the views or in the town just watching and listening to the locals going about their daily business. It's unique these days to find a place that is not ruined with tourists, yet there are plenty of tourists about, they just seem different. I think Monchique attracts a different type.

One of the major attractions apart from the beautiful scenery is the food. We could not find a restaurant we did not like, everyone is a bit different with such a variety of dishes, all local, reasonably priced, actually half the price of those down on the coast. A litre of house wine for 5 Euros, really!

The peaks of Foia and Picota are well worth a visit either walking or by car, the views are spectacular. There are plenty of level walks along the contour roads and tracks, they are well signposted so you won't get lost. Thee is plenty of accommodation, from Hotels to Bed and Breakfasts to luxury villas, we stayed at Caldas and found it more than satisfactory. The Tapas bar there is quite good too.
We can't wait to return.

Visited Monchique a couple of years ago and enjoyed it ever so much. The scenery and views are wonderful and so green compared to the rest of the Algarve which is dry and scrub. Its the cork oaks which make it so green. We went on many a picnic in the area next to streams, I can't remember the names and we ate out in a couple of the restaurants both were excellent value and great traditional food.

The town centre is cute with cobbled streets, cafe's, restaurants and craft shops. Some great architecture and chimneys. All in all it is a very safe and relaxing atmosphere and it is still the old Portugal. I would consider retiring there if ever I get the chance, but in the meantime will just have to settle for holidays, having a look now that's how I found this site.

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