A "Foodies" Heaven! Superb restaurants just minutes from the Villa.

There are about 40 restaurants in Monchique catering not just for tourists but for locals too and therefore the food is very good quality home style cooking of locally grown produce. Often cooked on charcoal grills or in wood fired ovens the food develops distinct and delicious flavors. If you have to wait longer than is usual it’s because the food is freshly cooked, no microwaves in Monchique! When renting a villa in the Algarve you really have to try the regional food!

Portuguese Cuisine

Surely the Best Food in Portugal

Monchique is famous for producing several unusual food products, peculiar to this part of Portugal, Porco Preto- black pork, these are reared locally and fed acorns, smoked black pork sausage, honey, chestnuts, cherries, goats cheese, Javali-wild boar, Medronho-firewater, distilled from the berries of the Arbutus tree, so don't be surprised when you see these products used in dishes on many restaurant menus. Restaurants in Monchique vigorously compete to produce the very best recipes using these local products. If your mouth is watering at this stage then you need to check out our availability!


Exclusive Discounts for our Guests

Here are just a few of our favourites, the first in walking distance the others within 5-10 minutes drive. Several  of these give a 10% Discount off the entire bill, exclusive to Villa Vida Nova guests. We will privide you with personalised discount vouchers.

Luar da Foia

O' Luar da Foiá

Just 300 meters from the villa. Awesome coastal views from the terrace. If you enjoy traditional local food we recommend their signature casseroles of wild boar with chestnuts or plums, black pork cheeks with chestnuts and lamb stew. The servings are huge and it is quite acceptable to order one portion between two. Essential to book!  Villa Vida Nova guests receive a voucher for 10% discount off your bill. Tripadvisor Reviews

Jardim das Oliveiras

Jardim das Oliveiras

Famous throughout Portugal. Traditional Monchquense fare e.g. for starters a platter of local meats including Presunto (ham) and Chorizo sausage which you can cook yourself on your table. They have a vast variety of regional casseroles of locally produced meat and excellent steaks. Many dishes are gluten free and there is a good selection of vegetarian dishes. It has a nice cottage feel with two cosy log fires. Villa Vida Nova guests receive a voucher for 10% discount off your bill.  Tripadvisor Reviews

A Charrette

A Charrette

A Charrette in the centre of Monchique, from the square walk up the pedestrianised street, until it levels out , then continue in the same direction up the hill, against oncoming cars, always going up hill and you will find it on the right.  The decor and ambience is very traditional, full of antiques, service is friendly and efficient. Used by locals so has to be good! Traditional "Monchiquense" dishes, you will love it. Villa Vida Nova guests receive a voucher for 10% discount off your bill. Tripadvisor Reviews

Foz do Banho

Foz do Banho

Foz do Banho, on the EN 266 just south of Caldas de Monchique. A lovely restaurant that also has a local Artesnato shop attached which has an extensive range of locally made crafts you may want to buy a holiday memento. The restaurant's signature dish has to be the Pork and Prawn Cataplana, (for two),absolutely delicious.  Villa Vida Nova guests receive a voucher for 10% discount off your bill. Tripadvisor Reviews

O castelo

O Castelo

Under new ownership since February 2018 Paula used to be the manager at A Rampa restaurant for many years but has now taken the plunge and bought O Castelo and what a fantastic job she has done. The decor is great, plenty of seating inside and outside on the terrace to take in the views. The menu is typical of the region but the standards are well above average and the prices, because she is new are below average. Please  support Paula she deserves to do well. O Castelo is on the EN 266 just north of Caldas de Monchique. Tripadvisor Reviews

Cafe Vintage

Cafe Vintage Tapas and Wine

In the delightful and historic village of Caldas de Monchique. The Bar itself is 14th century and oozes charm. It's a place to chill out on a sunny day or warm summer evening and listen to music in the square. The tapas are all local type foods, order as you go and share with friends over a couple of bottles of wine or beer. Tripadvisor Reviews


Restaurant 1692 Caldas da Monchique

Restaurant 1692 (the village was founded in 1692) is a quality restaurant belonging to the Hotel Termas and is situated in the square in Caldas de Monchique. The food and service is excellent and in the summer they often have very good live music in the square on Friday and Saturday nights.  Tripadvisor Reviews


Paraiso da Montanha

Paraiso da Montanha About 5 km up the Foia road out of Monchique, literally above  A Rampa restaurant. Fabulous coastal views from the terrace, an interesting menu, try Chicken with Cherries and Kid casserole, both to die for! Better as a lunch time restaurant for the fab views Tripadvisor Reviews

A rampa

A Rampa

A Rampa  A holiday in Algarve would not be complete without chicken “Piri Piri”. Cheap and Cheerful and is situated on the right hand side up the Foia road about 5 km. Below Paraiso Montanha. Very basic but with fantastic views from the outside terrace. Tripadvisor Reviews

Foodie Heaven

Monchique a Foodies Heaven!

We trust that you will love these typical Monchique restaurants and the local food as much as we do. Whenever we tour Portugal and talk to folks on the way they have always heard about Monchique and it's because of the food! Enjoy your holidays in the Algarve......and don't eat too much!

What Guests Say

We were spoiled for choice, there are dozens of superb restaurants in Monchique each with their own character and special dishes, it is my opinion that these are some of the best in Portugal if not the best in Europe!

Steve Wright

We took Nigel's advice and tried the four restaurants that he gave us discount vouchers for. Well we had the best meals ever, what fantastic suggestions! What's more we went back to two of them and they honoured the vouchers again, how good is that. We can't wait to return.

Diane Monroe