How Can You Manage Foreign Currency When on Vacation?

Planning your vacation should be exciting, not stressful, especially when it comes to managing your foreign currency. Forget about outdated methods like Travellers Cheques or costly bank exchanges or being at the mercy of your credit card provider with annoying cash withdrawal fees and low exchange rates.....that you don't notice until you get your card statement! There's a smarter solution that puts more money back in your pocket – Wise!

Wise makes managing your money abroad easy, fair, and affordable. Since 2011, they've been revolutionizing international money transfers, and now they're helping over 16 million people and businesses worldwide. Join Wise today.

Why Wise?

1. Save Big on Currency Conversion: With Wise, say goodbye to hefty bank fees. They offer transparent, low currency conversion fees and give you the real exchange rate – the same one you find on Google.

2. Multi-Currency Accounts: Whether you need Euros, US Dollars, or any of the 40+ supported currencies, Wise has you covered. You can hold multiple currencies in one account, making it convenient for your global adventures.

3. International Debit Card: Get ready for seamless spending anywhere in the world with Wise's International Debit Card. No more worrying about high foreign transaction fees – just swipe and enjoy!

4. Earn Interest: Yes, you read that right! Wise pays monthly interest on your currency balances. It's like getting rewarded for managing your money smartly.

5. Easy and Fast: Signing up is a breeze, and transfers are lightning-fast. Plus, there's no cost to join – it's a win-win!

6. Test Drive with a Free Transfer: Still unsure? Wise offers your first transfer up to €500 for free. It's a risk-free way to experience their exceptional service.

Imagine having the freedom to travel without worrying about excessive fees or unfavourable exchange rates. Just ask James from the UK, who's been saving thousands by using Wise for his daily expenses and vacations.

So, why wait? Join Wise today, unlock a world of financial freedom, and make your next vacation truly unforgettable!


Joining wise was the best thing I ever did. I opened a British Pound account, a Euro and US $ account. I work in UK so have my salary go directly into my GBP account where I earn interest and use the Wise debit card for all my daily living expenses. Then when we travel to Europe or the US on holiday I just use the same card and the money comes out of the correct balance automatically. I have saved thousands over the years” James P. UK.

Security is excellent. Like opening a bank account you have to jump through some hoops but well worth the effort. Having just one card in my wallet to use anywhere in the world and not pay hefty fees and on top of that being given the commercial mid market rate you see on Bloomberg is exactly what I wanted.” Susan Traynor. Canada.

“What a pleasure to save almost 4% on every transaction and be paid interest, it's a no brainer! Almost forgot, I bought car parts on line from Germany and used my Wise card" Dion Thackray. UK

" Our last trip was to Spain. I topped up my Euro account before we left. I paid our car rental, 3 hotel bills, withdrew Euros cash a few times, paid our restaurant and bar bills, Jeep safari and boat trips. A rough calculation tells me I saved about £120 using my wise card instead of my Mastercard".  Paul Stone. UK