Algarve weather. Compare monthly high and low temperatures in Algarve with those in the United Kingdom.

Algarve Average Temperatures
   Extracted from
Average Maximum Deg. C

Average Minimum Deg. C

Algarve Weather in January 16 8
Algarve Weather in February 17 8
  Algarve Weather in March 18 9
  Algarve Weather in April 20 10
 Algarve Weather in May 22 13
Algarve Weather in June 25 16
Algarve Weather in July 29 18
Algarve Weather in August 29 18
Algarve Weather in September 27 17
Algarve Weather in October 23 14
 Algarve Weather in November 19 11
Algarve Weather in December 17 9
 UK Average Temperatures
 Average Maximum Deg. C  Average Minimum Deg. C
 UK Weather in January 6 0
UK Weather in  February 6 0
UK Weather in  March 9 2
   UK Weather in  April 12 3
   UK Weather in  May 15 6
  UK Weather in  June 19 9
  UK Weather in July 21 11
UK Weather in  August 20 11
 UK Weather in September 18 9
 UK Weather in October 14 6
 UK Weather in November 9 3
UK Weather in  December 7 1










Typically the weather in the Algarve boasts over 300 days with sunshine. July and August has virtually no rain year on year. The average number of days with rain in the months of June and September is just one day each. So the Algarve has pretty dry summers.


Average Algarve temperature in Celcius per month

Red average high, Black average day/night, Dots average low

Average days in Algarve with precipitation per month

Tabular view for temperature and precipitation per month in Algarve Portugal
  Temperature Precipitation
Months Day/Night Average Average Maximum Average Minimum Average Number of days in month with some rain
January 11.6°C 15.5°C 7.7°C            7
February 12.3°C 16.0°C 8.6°C            7
March 13.4°C 17.4°C 9.5°C            5
April 14.7°C 18.7°C 10.7°C            6
May 16.9°C 21.1°C 12.8°C            4
June 20.1°C 24.5°C 15.7°C            1
July 22.8°C 27.8°C 17.8°C            0
August 23.1°C 28.2°C 18.1°C            0
September 21.3°C 25.6°C 17.0°C            1
October 18.1°C 22.0°C 14.2°C            5
November 15.0°C 18.7°C 11.2°C            6
December 12.9°C 16.6°C 9.3°C            7


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